Throne of the Lord

By Nicolas Bocskai

We open with a new vision from heaven… the Holy City, New Jerusalem… a rare and precious jewel for all creation to behold… the beauty of the Lord.

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This is the vision ebook idea that came to me from God through the Scripture, Jeremiah 3:17 shortly after I got saved back on Sunday, May 1- 1977 and filled with the Holy Ghost at a later time and date.

I have had many struggles with my physical and mental health… but now I make myself available for the work of the Lord Jesus.

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This is my free ebook vision of life in the City of God in heaven. The story is protected by a Poorman's Copyright 2004 with the U.S. Postal Service but free for you to make a copy of with your computer printer. It is my hope and desire to see the entire world come to God that He may spare His coming wrath upon the face of the Earth. In writing this, I want to share with you my vision in the hope that you will ask Jesus the Lord to come into your life with the expectation of His love for your life in the future Kingdom of Father Jehovah God to come. God bless you with peace… and enjoy the shared vision.

We gathered together on the heavenly plateau above the Earth. As the cloud cover disappeared from view, we could clearly see our eternal home in the City of God… New Jerusalem. Being in the midst thereof, we learned of God's promise of an eternal home among other redeemed individuals of home planet Earth.

Life had ended as we knew it by a martyrs death… and now our lives were dependent on Jehovah God and His mercy. While living on Earth, our lives were never totally entrusted into His providential care. Now, we had no choice, our mortal bodies were dead and history. We must trust in God. How could we now, when we never did before? God's love overshadows us… if only we had known while upon the planet, surely we would have submitted to His life plan for us… a Christian lifestyle where men were taught that God is love. Had we known, we never would have separated ourselves from Him by going after our own selfish desires

We entered the Holy City through the pearl gates and soon walking on streets of transparent gold, our eyes were fixed on a site to behold… for before us were massive structures of the Holy City domain and boundaries. The city foundation sat forth square upon the new Earth of Jehovah God's creation, His heavenly abode. There was no temple in the city. Each massive wall was made up of huge precious jewels and stones... each being transparent and lit up by the Glory of God. Unique colors of rare stones, with perfect cuts, were fitted jointly together perfectly by the master architect… Jehovah God. The city was a cube of massive dimensions, a great distance in each direction; length, width, and height all equal… a glorious city created by God the Father for the Saints of Jesus, who dared to believe in Him. In the midst of the city, centered in the height thereof, was the Throne of Jesus and Jehovah God our Father. On either side of the throne, the choirs of angels were singing… “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, who is to come!” The vision of Glory was all too powerful an experience… and yet I could not see His face because I still live.

Walking on the streets of gold, down by the river of life, the citizens of the Holy City greeted everyone entering thereof.

“Where are you going?” asked one who greeted the new converts of Christianity at the city gates.

“We've come to Praise the Lord, at His rest, and thank Him for the resurrection power of Jesus who granted us eternal life among the redeemed,” said another. Yes, what a wonderful thing it is to rest from Earthly labors and know that God accepts us from the trials and tribulations of the past life on planet Earth below!

“I did the best I could, Lord, with the tools available to me and did what you asked me to do for your Kingdom." But then, I remembered the Word of the Lord to me… "Not by works, power, nor might, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts.” For salvation is not granted by works, but by the grace of Jehovah God, through Jesus Christ, His only Son.

To the center of the city, the crowds were gathering… to give praise to Jesus, the Holy Lamb of God, with the hosts of heaven. We began to cry and sing out, “Holy is the Lamb of God!” in song and dance… for here the lion and lamb will lie down in peace together. No more death, threats, heartaches, nor hardships anymore… for the former ways and lifestyles are past… and bliss is here, now and forevermore with God!

The Firmament sounded with music of the trumpet call. The city bells were ever ringing in the atmosphere… the music was everywhere in the city dwelling where the Saints were filled with joy. The massive stones and gems themselves cried out to God, to give praise to Him!!! The vision and music of the angels was coming from among the gathering at the Throne of God. And the angels, who were playing in the orchestra, never grew weary. Yes, what a wonderful thought came to us, at this, the massive gathering of the people at His Throne… the pleasant expression of what we had, of being in the presence of our Father, that He granted to each of us. He wants us to express Him with our total being and lives. We had not seen his face as of yet and we were ecstatic about this. What exactly was the Lord like…? Nothing that I had known about… for the Lord God was beyond anything that I could imagine!

Yes, paradise is pleasant, the home of the Lord. Something was drawing us to the center of the city heavenly dwelling place. Could it be Jesus and our heavenly Father? Yes, indeed! For how good and pleasant it is that the Lord would allow us to dwell in the presence of Jesus, and finally see Him face to face in the Kingdom of Jehovah.

There is great joy in the City of God among fellow believers. God's perfect love for me overwhelms my heart as I walk among the crowd at the gathering of Saints, before His Throne. Fires, lightnings, with peals of thunder, and bursts of electrical pulses run up and down my body as I bow down, on bended knee, before the Throne of Jesus. Yes, this is my Judgment Day.

“O God, have mercy on me, one who tried to attain eternal life with you… for you yourself said, Learn what these words mean… I desire mercy and not sacrifice. Jesus, I have tried to fast to attain redemption thru sacrifice, but I am always sidetracked. That which I want to do, I cannot and that which I do, I desire not. Lord, my life is a mess and Satan has overcome me! I ask you… Is there any hope for me? I want to be with you in the paradise of Father God without exasperation for the things I should have done, but did not. God, action speaks louder than words and I have failed you. I am sorry. Separate me unto the lost of creation, for I have no right to the Tree of Life which dwells among the city domain of New Jerusalem.”

“God, I am without words now. I am speechless and in awe of your Kingdom Paradise. Lord Jehovah- I pray you- forget me not! Jesus, make it so…” And at this, I was thrust outside the Kingdom walls into silence among the darkness of space.

Return to Earth… ” He said to me, “ The time is not right… for the harvest of the Earth is not complete. I tell you the truth… tell my shepherds to prepare the Earth and make ready the fields of harvest. ” For the glory of the Lord is to overtake all creation and so, prepare her as a betrothed bride for the bridegroom in the Kingdom of our Lord Jehovah God in Heaven. For of such is much joy and happiness thereof.

We were here… we were there, never thinking much about our forefathers in our family tree history. Where had our lives gone? Throughout the trials and tribulations of distant Earth family lineage of the past, families went back into the past for years and generations. I wondered for a moment if I would be united with ancient… of ages past… family members who I never knew about or even considered as family blood. Who were they…? Where are they…? Will I be with them…? The Lord brings into the body of blood covenants, relatives who have watched history present itself. Family is blood and blood is Jesus. He who sacrificed Himself for our families and individual members of whom were Christians, in time past, dared to believe in the name of the only Son of God… Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Holy Spirit speaks in a pleasant state of mind of the Most High God… the Lord Jesus Christ, His name called… the anointed one and desire of all nations. “Where is your disposition today, my friend?” a passerby asks… “It is among the highest of high heavens,” a friend replies… “For I am happy to be there also!” To inquire of the Lord is my desire… to see the face of the one true God. For the glory of the Lord is all powerful… for a glorified spiritual body, only, can contain Him.

“This is my chemistry and understanding of you Jesus… what are you like, O Lord, in the beauty of clarity of thought processes handed down thru family tree traditions of past generations?”

“I am overwhelmed, O Lord, my past life on Earth flashing before me for all creation to see. I am sorry and ashamed, being on the spot before the Saints. But, O Lord, you have your signature upon my spirit-man by the Seal of the Living God. I testify here and now that I belong to you.” “I want you,” I say… “I Am here!” you say.

In all things God works together for good to them who are the called according to His purposes. I was ignorant and unknowing of my part in the vast puzzle laid before my feet on the face of planet Earth. But now, by the quickening spirit of righteousness, Jesus took charge of my destiny on Earth. That being done, I learned a lesson from the Lord Jehovah at that point and that was to place total trust of my life into His hands by a life of faith… Jehovah God, my provider, for He knows all about me and how I am maintaining a Christian lifestyle that I want all the world to possess and share.

To love Jesus and Him crucified guides us to know freedom from the sins that had us bound. We caused most of our own problems… Satan had only coached us, playing with us and our predestination in God. The thought of Satan no longer spell drives us… for subtly, as a serpent, he crept up to us with words of deception whispered in our ears from an invisible devil while on planet Earth of the past life.

But now no more… no more evil here, in the glorified city of God, among the meadows and fields of paradise. The glorified city of gold and precious jewels, which made up the city domain, dwells upon the New Heaven and Earth forevermore. Peace, love, and joy… all here, but the greatest of these is love… for God is love!

And the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus, the anointed One, laid the foundation for all to learn and know the way of Jehovah God. The Twelve Foundations of the city were laid up by the Apostles themselves with the theme of Love, Law, and Government under Jesus… for the government shall be upon His shoulders… The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Worship the Lord in music and dance… Come before His presence with singing! Know you that the Lord is good… it is He who has made us and not we ourselves.

To recollect… I knew when I saw the Saints clothed in pure white robes that I was in the presence of greatness, for this place was the abode of heaven. In the City of God, among meadows and fields of flowers, I walked and saw perfection everywhere… the beauty of the new heaven and Earth. Waterfalls springing forth from the majestic living rivers were cool, clean, and clear as crystal. Of such is the water of life!

I had always wanted to be here… and by God's grace, He gave me my hearts desire. Life is different here, in Jehovah's dwelling place, for the gift of God was to present glorified spiritual celestial bodies to each of those whom Jesus called… for many were called, but few were chosen. And to those of whom He chose, to them He also glorified… for Jesus is our Lord, the one true God of Israel.

What does this mean I asked the Lord… to have it made in a blissful state of eternity? Was I too zealous to boast and ask that to the Lord? For me, in the back of my mind, it was all great zeal, on my part, which eats up His house… for Jehovah One knows all about us and He commands us to humble ourselves on bended knees before the Throne of His Son Jesus. We then, still being bold in worship and praise, shout to Father Jehovah God and count it a blessing to be with Him forevermore. Yes, Jesus is the only door through which God grants us life with Himself. And crossing the bridge from the Earth to Heaven, the fixed gulf between worlds, Jesus presents us to His Father. For that which was done for Him and His purposes on Earth, to them I testify… He has great reward… not withstanding anything done in vain by some who turned back and walked no more… going their own way… the shepherds will go forth to restore them back into the fold.

What were we all about? I don't know. The purposes of man on Earth seemed vain… living an existence in reality without purpose. Jehovah knowing this sees people suffering hardship and pain everyday in life and He offers us life with Jesus… by the Holy Ghost.

Man is not worthy, being separated from God the Father because of original sin by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The rebellion of man toward God is why we are also separated from each other here on Earth. But Jehovah makes our relationships family all around the world once we come into His blissful state of companionship with Jesus… for we become His friend and servants of each other… and we learn the meaning of God's love. We need to help each other in this troubled life. Jesus awaits us to come to Him… for a whole new world will open to you once you accept Him.

The music of the spheres is present among the paradise of God. Wherever you walk or move among fields of green meadows and display of colorful flowers, you hear the sound of angelic script music in the air giving praise and worship to the Lord of Hosts. The power of thought allows you to walk upon the air firmament of the heavenly abode with the sound of bells and chimes. Yes… this is our home… that for which we have waited and prepared.

“O Father Jehovah… why were we created?” I asked the Lord.

“Because I wanted family and friends to share my glory and joy with...” He spoke to me.

“You know the feeling of love you have between you and family members… just to look into the eyes of my children here before me…” said the Lord, "And for you to know that life... family and blood are love!"

“I praise you Lord… for I knew nothing of your character and presence in my spiritual body as I yet lived before you on Earth. Your presence in my life, O Jesus, is total bliss with praise and worship to your Father… the Creator of all things… and yet still you extend your hands of Fatherhood and companionship to hold and love us in the midst of eternity."

For he that dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty… for God, you are God… there are no other Words.

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