Harbour Shores

By Nicolas Bocskai

Harbour shores, spread over Southeastern Virginia's Hampton Roads, stands as a historic landmark in our nations unfolding legacy. The harbour sits inland at the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay on the mid-Atlantic east coast.

My story begins: I am the lowly one… the Porter and watcher over the Earth… temporarily established in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. In future times, wherever God directs and sets me up for His work, I will remain alive until that day that Jesus returns. The scene is the cross on the beach shoreline among the hills… the original

landing place of our founding fathers when they first arrived to America. Here, at Cape Henry, Virginia, they planted a cross on the beach and dedicated the new land to God,
on April 29, 1607.

Where are you headed, my friend? Life is a natural expression of mankind on the pathway to redemption for all the world and anyone who wants… just for the asking! Nature is not God's doorway to Himself. The key to the Father is His Son, Jesus Christ… never forget Him… for He shall never forget nor forsake you. God is love and we love Him because He first loved us!

As for living in paradise, it is a state of mind where all can dwell once you become a Christian. Can you imagine how many people pass through life each day not knowing Jesus? Everyone living is an eternal being destined to live forever in spiritual eternal bodies with God. The question is… where will you spend eternity? Will it be in darkness or light? If in darkness, you will be without God in the darkness of space! (Someday God will ignite the universe to become the Lake of Fire…) If it is in the light, Jesus will grant you eternal life with Him in heaven's New Jerusalem, the City of Gold, among the Saints and Kingdom Godhead. I believe that Heaven surrounds the universe outside everything that we know about… the new Heaven and the infinite new Earth. Father Jehovah; Jesus, His Son; and the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Prophecy, will all be there. This is no game… we are here to prepare for eternity. A hundred years is a long time isn't it? It is but a vapor compared to the eons of time past, present, and future! Prepare yourselves my friends, of all nations. Prepare your homes and your families to receive Jesus. We have no say as to what God will do… we can only pray to influence His decisions. So study the Holy Scriptures, the history of time past… present… and future… yes, the eternal plan for mankind is there!!!

The sandy coastline was full of children and their guardians. The windy month of March was about over and the spring season was upon us. With what was left over from
the windy winter winds, the kite flyers were making use of. The children were on the sand dune hillside at some distance… and as kids are, they were anxious to know why their parents, of a different age and reduced energy, weren't running along the beach shoreline with them.

Upon this hill, overlooking the sea, the kite flyers and their kites of assorted colors were becoming airborne one by one as the wind lifted them from the sandy terrain. At last count, 14 kites were visible in their colorful splendor being maintained by the early spring breezes against the blue background of the atmosphere and ocean here at Cape Henry, Virginia.

The warm sunshine and cool, clear sky filled everyone with joy for the day. On the far side of the hills, on level terrain, the twin Cape Henry lighthouses had been established and setup for years of service. Excitement thrilled every child upon entering the old historic lighthouse and climbing the stairs to see the total view of the area. With the sound test of the Coast Guard Station foghorns, at the second lighthouse, the laughter of the children filled the air. All in all, the day was perfect, a child's paradise here at the Cape and beach shoreline beside the sea with cool and clean spring air.

The toil of the morning would soon be complete, exhausting most parents, but not so with the children. Tonight would be a good night of restful sleep. The sunshine gives and takes… your energy that is… for the day was not complete yet with adventures still to come. Upon returning home, a quarter mile or so from the Cape, a father and his three daughters were refreshed from their vigorous morning walk and kite flying on the beach this weekend day.

From the hillside overlooking the ocean, there were other kite flyers busy with their task at hand. It was an early Saturday morning and the children were up enjoying the windy day free of responsibility.

Spring had arrived and the weekend break was here before the kids returned to school. The breeze was perfect blowing off the ocean onto the beach and hills at the Cape. The young kids were on the sands having the time of their lives. The kites, which were numerous in the gusty winds, off the ocean, flew up and down, side to side, back and forth, in the steady breeze along the hillside and open blue sky.

There were various houses built along the hills at this residential development. The neighborhood was peaceful and beautiful and much was suspected of such a place. At Cape Henry, the nation had been dedicated to God back in the 1600's when the colonists first came to this country. With the springtime of year almost in full bloom, the children would soon be studying and learning about nature and God at their private Christian school. Soon the children would return to school.

I can remember school… public, not private. There were many problems facing the young people there. Mainly the attitude was, "I don't care about anything!" This was wrong as I look back. Peer pressure from fellow students predominated my attitude toward life. Something must be done about that, that our children will have hope and tackle life with enthusiasm in a desire to help themselves and others. If Satan can destroy a young life, he will… especially a child dedicated to God as an infant. Usually problems come from within with hopelessness when parents don't get involved with their children's lives. They are our most precious possessions. Love your children… be patient with them. Answer their questions no matter how annoying they may be, for they are an extension of your life. Their minds are forming your and my future in our nation… God Bless the Children.

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