Scientific Theory

By Nicolas Bocskai

Welcome to my feature: Scientific Theory. I received these ideas from the Lord over the last fifteen years. I have placed them on this site as a helpful tool for scientific progression in the USA. I hope these thoughts inspire you to do work towards the progression of science on this Earth and beyond. Whichever your cause, know that God is with you. Bless you in your endeavors.

Sunday November 5- 1995

The human body contains all of the secrets of the scientific universe.

A synthetic star plasma propulsion system capable of universal exploration… contained within an electrical magnetic field… a nuclear explosion controlled within an electric magnetic grid released thru one outlet propelling at instant light speed within the vacuum of space. Propulsion with the power of the sun!

Once you achieve light speed, mass becomes spiritual energy, worn down by the friction net of the universe as velocity increases… invisible as in walking behind the atmosphere veil or walking behind atmosphere air molecules as a spiritual contained body.

Thursday December 7- 1995

Where is God's dwelling place?

Everything we have and know, all existence as mankind's reality was created in the universe. I believe that all of outer space is contained in a universal sphere... everything and all…

Heaven, paradise, God's golden city, New Jerusalem, the new heaven and Earth, are outside of our universal sphere… the universe is the bottomless pit, infinite to man, finite to God with an end! The great gulf between heaven and Earth, as we know it now, is this universal gulf or sphere.

The lake of fire? The hydrogen universe where burns the wicked dead as stars in space.

Sunday February 25, 1996

There seems to be a forgotten civilization under the South Pole continent of Antarctica. At some time in history I think that Atlantis may have been there covered now by snow, ice, and glaciers. It was truly a paradise before the Earth's axis shifted at the time of Noah's Flood recorded in the Bible.

Antarctica, the South Pole, is a continent with earth underneath where the North Pole is ice and water. Is the earth a major experiment with different races of civilizations of star systems and planets… planted, left behind by ancient eternal astronauts and astronomers to return December 2012 A.D. according to a Mayan Calendar left behind by an advanced civilization? Many questions… no answers!

Saturday January 25- 1997

Representatives of the Pleiades constellation system are here tonight… they woke me up from sleep… I saw their outlines of spiritual bodies and eyes in the darkness of night in my room staring down at me. I told them to depart in the name of Jesus… but they didn't!

What could they have possibly have wanted from me? The time was 0445 military time at this date. They only wanted to teach me something that I could reveal to the scientific community… a spiritual operation to my brain… as I sleep once again!

Thursday January 30- 1997

An intense magnetic field to contain a nuclear explosion in a vacuum. The process is the same as a collapsing black hole star where the gravity is so strong that light cannot escape its face. Hydrogen plasma release through a magnetic grid outlet… a controlled release by magnetism… by which a helmsman of a star cruiser can have the ability to change direction and move about as a common housefly or move across the galaxy to a point destination star over a straight line.

Ideas of discussion and date they came to mind:

Celestial navigation for interstellar space travel under focal point North Star… true navigation in our galaxy... 3/7/97

Eternal life… from mortal to immortality… here on Earth (complete fast to point of death) 4/9/97

Traveling beyond the speed of light and the friction net of the universe… 6/1/97

Atom decoggler… the substance that holds matter and the universe together… demagnetize the gravity of atoms and the universe will come apart… 3/25/98

Telephone teleportation… of the human body over an extended vastness of space… to move from place to place by telephone teleportation by destination called… mass to energy by the speed of light, returning to mass again once arrived to the destination point… 8/18/99

Planet to planet teleportation by walking thru an interstellar time portal gate instantly

arriving at another planet civilization under a different star… 8/28/99

The Cartesian mind plain… two people (husband and wife) sharing the same mind with

the ability to communicate telepathically over distances of time and space… 9/18/99

Four quadrants of the brain structure of the human body… positive and negative for the man… positive and negative for the woman with the universal God Jehovah at the center of their joined union… wherever you are in this world my dear, I hear you… 9/18/99

Find evidence that there is friction in the vacuum of space… the light trail of a comet… the comet tail of light moving thru space worn down by the friction net of the universe… 7/3/00

No sound in the vacuum of open space… star telemetry of the constellations… the sound of music in space where there is no sound… sub-space electronic measures… transmissions at the speed of light… 3/18/01

Synthetic star propulsion with instant speed of light… power of the sun without the heat of the star… 3/18/01

Harnessing the secret of extended space travel between stars:

Collective ionization… soaking up energy from collective space or surrounding stars. Ions are energy particles emitted from stars. Is synthetic star plasma energy means possible without the heat of stars…? The ability to soak up this energy from open space?

The ions of collective space… fuel cell replenishment for electricity, oxygen, water, and propulsion… unlimited resources for extended interstellar travel… 3/18/01

Was the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter a planet that exploded eons of time past? We think we have the ultimate power in a hydrogen bomb. What kind of power source would it take to destroy a whole planet and send the remains in orbit around the sun? 4/26/01

Computerized mind reader detector… which scans your brain and reads electrical impulses from a mind helmet and prints them out on an oscilloscope screen… 7/12/01

Computer image mind/ eye glasses… worn and pressed against closed eyelids to scan and reveal images of light and motion by contact between the eyes and brain images… create your own animated movie… 7/12/01

Magnetic opposite poles attract, whereas like poles repel. Replace rocket fuel boosters with magnetism boosters with the push/pull effect of magnetism. Use Earth's gravity to launch a spacecraft into orbit by the magnetic push/pull effect of like and opposite magnetic poles on board a space star cruiser… 7/25/02

The first heaven/… the Earth's atmosphere. The second heaven/… the universe. The third heaven/… the abode of God surrounding the universal sphere… the new heaven and Earth with the firmament of paradise/>>> where dwells the golden eternal city of God… New Jerusalem… 7/25/02

Nirvana… Satan's state of mind… he exalts his throne above God and above the stars of God. Satan was cast out of heaven down to Earth by God… no more place was found for him and the fallen angels in God's Holy Kingdom… 7/25/02

The sea of stars will become the universal lake of hydrogen fire… to be ignited by God in a future time if not done already… at the end of all things as we know them… 7/25/02

Is there an invisible gas of the element hydrogen existing between stars in the vacuum of space as the vacuum of space itself? 10/21/02

Celestial navigation using the universal sphere meridian net for star travel navigation and the true universal North Star… the northern most point of the universal sphere… 10/21/02

Concerning HIV AIDS in Africa where positive diagnosis in patients are encouraged to go home and die without hope for the future. I say develop a medicine that will create an immune system within the human body against AIDS…1/28/03

There must be a way to use salt water as an energy source. With the abundance of salt water on Earth, this energy source could not be used as a burning fuel. Heat up salt water and you have the power of steam vapor. We need a free non-burning power source that can be recycled forever being energy efficient without an end to power… 2/20/03

Can heat bearing diamond crystal cuts contain the heat brought about by ion engine heat particles? Trying to contain the heat brought about by man-made synthetic star plasma energy in a controlled nuclear explosion contained within an electro-magnetic field… 6/14/03

Suspended energy within controlled space of a magnetic field where energy is a free agent and must be controlled by magnetism. An example would be a fusion nuclear explosion on the face of a collapsed black hole star where magnetism controls the energy output source… gravity controlling the ability of light to exit the black hole. Question: How do you increase or decrease the strength and weakness of magnetism in a pulsating field of energy? 6/14/03

There must be a point at which friction does not affect velocity in the atmosphere… the wear and tear effect on the skin of a vehicle. We must develop a metal that will resist the friction tear of the air in the atmosphere… a tough diamond skin metal perhaps? 8/3/03

The mathematical formula for access to folded space between stars. I have asked God for this… where the stars of space in a three dimensional setting are brought to a second dimensional plain like an accordion or walking thru rooms of a house thru doorway access. Space is actually a relative thing where distance and time are interrupted in a three dimensional cube. The formula for folded space brings this 3-D cube to a 2-D plain, a theory where stars do not actually move… but a doorway is created to have access to the shortcut across interstellar space to point destination star that astronauts desire to navigate to. Space is crossed and the 2-D plain returns to a 3-D cube. 4/3/04

Scientists can tell us the day we will die in our physical body by learning the genetic coding of time in our DNA... alpha and omega in our genes. From the date of our birth to the ending of our life by aging, we will learn the time line of genetics. 1/6/05

Can mankind create oxygen? I don't know! Someday we will have to because we are polluting our seas and chopping down trees from which we receive our air to breathe. Oxygen producing facility plants may become common around the world in the future for we are depleting our natural resources that let us live. 1/14/05

Does light or even starlight affect the progression of time? Light emitting from stars travels in forward movement thru time and space... is it possible that imploding starlight such as a black hole reverses time within itself? 2/14/05

Lord- if you demagnetize atoms, which make up the universe... will the universe come apart opening the door to anti-matter and an anti-universe... an equal and opposite reaction? 2/14/05

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