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Thank you for your interest in acquiring my 10 free e-books to be downloaded to your computer. By clicking the underlined title of each book, the e-book you chose will be sent to your computer screen. Click Save As to your Desktop. The e-book will appear there as an icon. The e-book then can be saved to any storage you want on your computer, such as Documents, Desktop, or Disc of your choice. The books consist of Christian prose, poems, and other items under the sun ranging from 15 to 25 pages each. You may collect all 10 e-books if you so desire free of charge. Thank you again for your interest in my faith work e-books. May you also find your mission opportunity with God.

If there is any problem receiving my e-books, please contact me at: 866.411.0132 my toll-free number for Godtoons Intl/ Dove Publications. I use Word program as the written format for this internet transfer.
Amen... May blessings come your way!

Frederick Bacskay... (pen name: Nicolas Bocskai)

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Cast Your Net

Grace Sessions

Poembook Odyssey

Spectrum Rainbow Suns

Wheat Barns

Prayerwatch Logbook

The Throne of Mercy

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