Harbour City

By Nicolas Bocskai

It is midnight and the lights throughout the city cast their beauty for all to behold along the Elizabeth River in Hampton Roads, Virginia. It is a windy March night where dormant life will be reborn again in the morning. With this, a light fog settles to the Earth and wraps itself around the tall structures of the city.

Excitement never dies in the inner local city. People are awake and active at this hour. It is mid March. These are the windy days of the year… the kite flying month for the children of another age. During

any given day, at this time of the year, children and kites go hand in hand in the park. The children can be seen in the afternoon, with their friends as they laugh and enjoy the day. All afternoon they run back and forth trying to get their grounded kites airborne. With much perseverance, they are successful as the wind finally captures their kites. The kite flyers themselves are quite numerous in the park. At such times, the kites are colorful against the windy deep blue sky.

Soon, the spring season will arrive. As the warm weather approaches, the city will come alive with activities. People will be out and about enjoying the warm weather as the winter cold begins to silently slip away.

There are many pleasure crafts and yachts in the area's natural harbour basin. With the seasonal thaw at the doors of a bright sunshine morning, the harbour basin will become a popular resort for those who conduct a portion of their lives around the water.

At another time and place in the city, inside their homes, the day begins. Soon the family will awaken at daybreak. It is early twilight at dawn as the sun extends its' arms of light rays over the horizon to touch the city in pure bliss. With the birth of the spring season, daylight savings time begins. During this, the Easter observance of Jesus' resurrection, reminds the city dwellers of His sacrifice for us 2000 years ago. And now we know He Lives.

At daybreak, the business world awakens and the city streets become busy. The young men and women drive their automobiles to their work destinations. Some arrive by taxi-cabs. The horns of the city taxi's sound all day long from this point onward as they shuttle passengers of all ages to their points of interest. These same citizens of the morning sunrise hours are filled with enthusiasm for life and their careers as they tackle the new day with confidence.

The new day has begun. Getting it started on the right foot after a restful nights' sleep fills the family with an energetic prayer to God on an individual basis. The view overlooking the harbour is magnificent. Although city living is exciting, it is not the ideal environment for young elementary students. Children need open spaces to run and play in with their friends. City living, on the other hand, is the toast of the town for young urban professionals who have grasped the business world by the tail with much prosperity and action here in the city. And forget not the poor of the city in their low cost housing district which comes with much heartache and crime simply because parents and children have not. What can inspire families to get out of this lifestyle situation? First, a prayer to God who will open doors of opportunity to benefit them and not hurt anyone in the process of doing so. God is the answer because everything has a purpose for happening. Yes, God is trying to teach us to be mature men and women. He doesn't do anything without a purpose in mind, to make effective use of His people. Living for God is exciting for everyone, young or old in heart… for He gives everyone a sense of belonging… for He is love!

And in the streets of the city, people go back and forth throughout the fashion and merchandise business districts. They window shop for items of desire displayed in store windows.

The noonday has arrived and everyone knows their concern for the family as a member. The children attend school preparing for their future through education. The father, the provider for the family, dwells in his personal business world, providing food, shelter, love, and guidance for his wife and children. The mother is the family psychologist and love doctor for inspiring her children and husband. She is also the family accountant and manager homemaker of the household… a difficult, but rewarding position for her. And, as the father heads up the home, Jesus heads up the Church… for He loves and cherishes the family unit as His House of Worship. We are His Church… let us treat each other the way we would treat Him in this world, with love and respect.

Time moves by quickly throughout the work hours and soon the dayshift comes to an end. The shops close each day in the early evening. The rush hour traffic is heavy on the journey home with everyone racing to get out of the city after a full day. Yes… to get home to the family and relax for the evening is the first goal of stressed professionals of the complex business world.

The harbour sun is fading fast into the western horizon. The busy activities of the day are about complete. Soon the evening rush home on the streets brings out the weariness of the citizens. Now comes to pass the statement, “There is no place like home!” This is true for everyone, for the weary workers look forward to their restful dwelling places.

As the sun sets over the horizon, the streetlights automatically ignite one by one. Dusk has passed and the city lights gleam on the harbour waters. For of such beauty, the harbour lights on the water, reflects a restful time for all the citizens of the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. For there is always hope found in tomorrow.

Where will life take you, my friend? Study the past to learn about the future… go with GOD, the supreme creator of all things and establish your life on the Rock… Jesus Christ. He is the true foundation stone who will set your life in motion and become your friend in the sure pathway of destiny to come. Do not lose heart, my friend, for the sun shines each passing day behind the veil of the clouds above. For the peace of eternity, that GOD has promised, is present with us now and forever.

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