Agricola of Hungary

By Nicolas Bocskai

Separated unto God by a martyrs death upon this my Feast Day, December 3- (20??). My word of testimony about my mission for the Lord, keeping in mind obedience unto Him and His charge over the affairs of men.

The writer and his words to proclaim to the world the Good News of Jesus in this my Journal of Testimony before the God of Creation.

O God, I come before you. Receive me and my testimony before the world of your love for mankind. I am not perfect, Lord. I am fragile, separated and lost from your presence at times.

Lord- do you have a hearing ear before me to take notice of my supplications before your Throne? You are God, Jehovah and you need not me. But I was created for your purpose. Was my life necessary? Was it needed? I can't remember anything before I was born. Would not it have been better not to have life as an entity on Earth rather than living in this place? Nothingness might have been better for me rather than having life with a conscience that would punish me here and now and then again in eternity. Were we created only to be destroyed at the end of our lives? And is this reality, this planet Earth with creation upon it? Lord Jesus, many things trouble me. Let me sort it out and bring it before you that you may help me understand your Father, Jehovah, in heaven. Amen, Lord.

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